Frequently asked questions:

1. What is DERP mode?

On the internet, DERP is a multipurpose word. For the purposes of this blog, it’s being used as a verb. The content we are watching isn’t fully involving, so we read news, look for MOAR jokes, email, facebook, and of course, update this blog 🙂

2. Why bother watching these TV shows or movies @ all, if you keep engaging DERP MODE?

We are big fans of the movie parody series MST3K. In it, one dude and his robot pals sit around and mock B-movies. We do that, only we also DERP around with our free time.

3.  What are the various levels of DERP MODE:

Low: No DERPing at all. Cause the movie is mint, or we are in a theatre. And therefore, can’t DERP at all. Movie is backed up when done.

Medium: A few wikipedia look-ups related to the content.  Movie is not backed up, but is not deleted.

High: Not pausing for trips up-strairs or to the take the dog out. Multiple wikipedia lookups. Viewing content that does NOT related to the TV show or movie. TONNES of screenshots collected for animated gifs we will never make. The movie is deleted from the HDD when we are done watching it.

EXTREME: The movie is never finished. Here, we are only viewing the movie to collect screenshots, and make a few choice jokes. It’s deleted using the SHIFT DELETE command to ensure all traces are removed.


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